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Free High Power Motivation 




Get Permanent Solutions for Studies, Work, Relationships, Mental Stress, Finacial Problems

and many more.

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Get Personal Tarot Card Reading using Subconcious Mind for Past, Present & Future


RIDE INTO THE ADVENTURE OF YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL Scientific training program to unleash the incalculable power within.

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Conduct Personality Development or Motivational Session in your School, College or Institution.


The main objective of this company is to impart trainings to people belonging to any segment or any age in the society. Till date UNIK LIFE has trained more than 10 lakh people across India and overseas and have touched lives of thousands of people through its highly impactful range of Audio & Video Training programs, DVDs, CDs and books. 

From last 7 years UNIK LIFE has trained thousands of people in every walks of life and every age group. Entrepreneurs & Businessmen, Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Corporate Executives, Employees, Students, Housewives, Net-workers, Sportsmen etc all who wish everlasting Success, Happiness, Peace and Personal Growth have been Benefited.

UNIK LIFE: Conducts motivational training programs across the world, through seminars, workshops and trainings. Provides a foundation, guidance, training to build a career as a trainer and also provides free public programs to improve happiness, health, humanity & spiritual well-being.

Our Mission:
To add values to this beautiful world by making a major positive difference in the life of people.

Our Vision:
To leave this world with much more than my family, namely love, happiness & peace in everyone.