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Excellent and Ultimate Knowledge and Mind-Blowing Stuff Strategies for This 2 Days Your Born To Be Rich Work Shop This is Give for Success Road Map To My Entire Life and Financial Freedom I’m Strongly Decide and Desire Today Massive Action Taking To My Dreams and Goals Full fill All.

Win Abhi

I am Pavani sir.... Wellness coach... I never seen this type of work shop.... I am really happy and very excited.... Thank you so much for this giving more knowledge I never ever seen forever and ever.... I want to become a best wellness coach

Pavani Jampana

You are born to be rich. It will lead everyone to financial freedom definitely. I am confident that I will definitely be come financially free one day. Thank you, sir, for a wonderful session

Rudravaram Kailash

Financial freedom work shop lo I have learned value of money why we have to be a rich in our life thank you so much VK sir

Vasu S

Excellent Program Which is conducted by Venu Kalyan Sir (How to Become Financial Free) Very Worthy Program to all To Become Financial Free.

Naveen K

Excellent workshops conducted sir, thank you very much this opportunity, more people are transformation your programs Thank you very much sir

Ramchandram Bomma

I’m attend how to become highly paid trainer or coach Super amazing section I changed my mind to transform to train after 5 years with my experience

Mani Kanta

Awesome tips received from Venu Kalyan sir, and how to be focused, and not only focus, commitment, process and how to overcome fear of stage is important point, I wanted to drive and focus on it.


Two days workshop program very high end and powerful information. I am re-Birth 8th August 2021. My life totally Changed and understand Goals and mistakes. Thank you so much Venu Kalyan Sir, and team members.

Santosh Kumar

I attended how to become successful YouTube influence and I felt am very fortunate to get connected with the most perfect trainer, topic coved are helps us to easily understand whole picture. Perfect course for new YouTube's and as well as upcoming YouTube's by attending the class we can get clear picture and map to go ahead without confusion

Ramakrishna Thota

Thanks Kalyan, the session was useful and was organized in a linear manner so that everybody can understand and explained in a step-by-step manner. I am glad that the people involved in the course are with a great combination of young, old, started channel, active people, startup people. It was a help full class with a minimum amount and the amount taken is negligible. Thanks

Eshwara Chandra Loka

Really, it's a great opportunity and valued session good mentor only share their knowledge and it's informative I'm very happy to collaborate and grab more knowledge with him thank you so much sir I recommend to All

Shiva Lahari Mandala

It's amazing 3 days program. How to become a master. And a person Ordinary to extortionary, you are wonderful example. I learned lot off. In this session. Thank you Venu Kalyan garu…

Umamaheshwar Reddy A

I can't simply say that this workshop is worthy enough for the amount I have paid. It is somewhat beyond my expectations which I learned from this session "How to become a highly paid YouTube Influencer". Out of so many webinars that I attended till date (technical & non-technical), I felt that this is the most interactive learning experience. Thank you so much Venu Kalyan Sir for such a wonderful session.

Pragathi Reddy

I have completed my NLP training from shadab sir. Thank you, sir, for guiding. me before the NLP l had with confused mind set with less confidence. And fear and phobia ... after NLP training, I have learned so much things which I don't know about myself thank you sir

Velaga Haritha

This is very useful technique to everyone my life has change when I have taken the NLP technique before my life was very confused present some techniques have learned so I noticed some changed my life after I have learned NLP technique

Nageswara Rao Sudenaboina

First sir motivated a lot and then he gave theoretical knowledge which has to be implemented and we need to be trained in practicals, possible only if we travel with him

Vijayalakshmi M

The session is very useful to the upcoming YouTubers and mind-blowing stuff given by Venu Kalyan sir through his mode of explanation. I was fully satisfied with the session

Sathwik Facts

Hai this is Babasai. Domada from Vizag. I have taken this ytm course it will help me to very well on doing videos! & Venu sir gives Ice breaking knowledge on ytm Course to Upgrade my channel. I'm really blessed to taking this course thank you Venu sir

Babasai. Domada

The course is helpful for a beginner who has no idea about creating YouTube videos by deep insights on different topics like content, creating identity, how to get subscribers.

Karthi Lucky

I am blessed to attend this 4-hour session. I strongly believe that this 4-hour session is a special God gift. Because you as a motivational speaker, trainer & life coach - designed a YouTube mastery program & off-course I have enrolled for it undoubtedly. Now am sure that, not only I succeed but also grow as an individual. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Vinil Krishna

Venu Kalyan made things very easy to understand without being tech-savvy. and covered almost everything about YouTube, the awesome part of this course is the assignments. he gives an assignment for each module where we can implement immediately after completing the module. I got plenty from this course.

Praveen Kumar

Venu sir will give always more value if sir is charging x rupees means sir will give value 10x times. Thanks a lot sir for you continue support and guidance for all of us.

Sama Venkataramana

Thank you so much VK. This was a fabulous session! it was marvelous and I really appreciated hearing about your creative process and it has helped me to feel more confident in jumping into doing more.

Uma Mahesh


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