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Mr.Venu Kalyan's Parenting Seminar

Workshop Time 

1 Day  - 9:00AM - 6:00PM 


11 Years To 111 Years

Program Language
English, Hindi, Telugu

"Nurturing the leader within your child
what every parent needs to know"

Mom - Dad, please come & attend this program & know what I want from you?

You can make me a smart child by knowing these principles...

"Parenting is not about kids, it's about parent's training having children in between age 1 to 30"

Are you a learning parent or teaching??

All children are unique in the way they process information and learn things from their parents. There are no weak or untalented children. They are just children and each thinks differently. To unleash the true talent within child & to bring out the best in her or him, parents need to be educated by themselves to educate their child. It's not what but how you respond that can make all difference in their life.

Parenting is preparing children to live with the smile in this ever changing world. Parents have a huge part to play in understanding & supporting their children’s emotional & social needs. Packed with expert advice, key strategies & examples of positive parenting, this program reveals the secrets of raising happy, confident & well-adjusted children.

Step by step instruction & suggestions on

  1. What you need to know...

  2. What they need to know...

  3. How to connect with your child...

  4. When to seize teachable moments...

  5. How to deepen your influence in their lives...

   6. Mentoring your child to become a leader & successful...

Are you worried?

   1. Child's negative behavior and exam fear?
   2. Child is unhappy or falling behind a school?
   3. Curfews in family and communication gap?
   4. Working together in business problem?
   5. Married child's relationship problem?
   6. Drug, alcohol or love problem?
   7. Struggle to get co-operation?
   8. Nag or shout with child?

"Quickest way to become the better parent that you want to be and that your children deserve"


Learn Best Parenting Principles...

   1. No job is more important than being a parent
   2. No advise to child is the best advice 
   3. Your child is a mirror of your action/reaction
   4. Exam result is not the measurement of talent
   5. Lose temper, you are the loser, Better to agree than to be right
   6. Whatever you think, perceive & speak, will get from your child
   7. The first duty of Love is to listen and not to give advice
   8. Learn from yesterday, hope for tomorrow, live for today
   9. Focus on the problem not the child & treat child with respect

Be one minute Parent

One minute praising... One minute Goals... One minute Reprimands techniques help parent and children to develop confidence, happiness and satisfaction in their relationship and study success. Topics are

1. Secrets of Successful Parenting.
2. Discover different ways to enjoy quality family time together.
3. Learn prerequisite of Successful Parenting.
4. Learn to create healthy and growing environment for your child.
5. Understand child psychology and studies.
6. Manage your childs fears and phobias for exam.
7. Develop healthy self-esteem in your child.
8. Improve your and teens relationship and communication.
9. Assess your parenting style for teamwork and family unity.

How to talk so Teens Will Listen & to listen so Teens Will Talk, to get the best for your child?