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Mr.Venu Kalyan's Memory Miracles Workshop

Workshop Time 

1 Day  - 7:30AM - 6:00PM 


11 Years To 111 Years

Program Language
English, Hindi, Telugu

In real life of children, it stimulates classroom result & develop strong Memory Power "A man's real possession is his memory. In nothing else he is rich, in nothing else he is poor."

Learn to remember any information, easily and for long time through different memory techniques.


Smart Studies

  • Studies with Fun Method

  • Topper's Secret System

  • 5 Days emergency Method

  • Law of attraction for Students

  • Master your weaker subject

  • Learn minimum & Score Maximum

  • How to learn & study for Exam

  • Goal setting, achieving & carrier guidance

  • Provide A+ Answer Method

  • 15 strategy to come out of jam during exams

  • 80-20 rule, Kaizen & Passion with Consistency


The ultimate result oriented Memory Workshop

  • Plan your career

  • Instantly recall Important Facts & Figures

  • Train Your Memory

  • Become more self-confident & Self-reliant

  • Memorize a Whole Book

  • Become more Organized and Time- efficient

  • Get Better Grades in school

  • Remember Appointments & Commitments

  • Learn Quick methods to Improve Calculation & Memorizing Speed

  • Remove Exam Phobia & Improve Concentration

Course Content

Test your Original Memory.

Supersonic Faster Reading (Journey up to 1200 words per min)

NLP Technique (Know your Mode of Learning and Recalling )

Linking Method (Remember Sequence Point to Point)

Advance Linking (Remember Any Points Method)

Mnemonics Chains Method (Shortcut Method for Every Subject)

Foreign Vocabulary and Sanskrit Vocab (Remember every word)

Learn any chapter in 10 mins Practically.

Peg system (Remember Numbers Method)

Mind Maps (Remember any topic instantly Method)

MCQ and True false method (70% accurate Result)

Remember Names and face Method (1 min Magic Method)

Remember Poem Method (Any Poem in 10 mins)

Figure/Maps/Diagram Remembering method

Mental Alarm for Students (Wake up for success)

Arithmetic Method - 4 Method for Instant Calculation

Instant Recall Method (Read 1200 words per min and recall it into 2 mins)

Learn Definitions, Formula, Equation, Meaning.

Remember Dateline - Remember General Knowledge.

Learn long Answer & Essays - Remember Appointment Method.

Remember Whole Book.

Test your Memory at the End.


Memory is Power...

In your Service, Business or Professional Life, remembering Client's Names, Telephone Numbers, Key Financial Data, Appointments and Important facts gives you 'A Winning Edge' in the competition.

Memory is Happiness...

In your Family & Social life for sure path to friendship, admiration & popularity.

Memory is Success...

In real life of children, stimulate classroom result and develop strong mind power.

"Memory can never be good or bad, it can be only trained or untrained."