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Why Divine Power Workshop ?

Workshop Time 

1 Day  - 9:00AM - 6:00PM 


11 Years To 111 Years

Program Language
English, Hindi, Telugu

Divine Power Workshop will help you to realize your true-self and you will be able to get the ultimate truth (Parm-Satya) of life (Existence). This practical workshop includes Modern Science, Vedic Science, Meditations & lots of unique techniques of seven Chakras to reach absolute height and depth of Spirituality.


1. Right Method of Prayer
2. Gratitude of Parents
3. Importance of OM & other Holy Symbols
4. Aura Reading
5. Seven Chakra Balancing & Energizing
6. Build Good Relationships
7. Self-protection against Negative Forces
8. Indian Religious Rituals
9. Self-Healing
10. What are Angels & it's Guidance
11. Divine and Angelic Protection
12. Increasing Your Spiritual Quotient (S.Q.)
13. Effective Mudra
14. Dance Meditation
15. Unconditional Forgiveness & Love to all
16. Attract Abundant Wealth, Health & Mental Peace